The Side Door- Radford
The Side Door- Radford

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     We want your event to be the best that it can be without any complications.  We do expect everyone to use and treat this facility as your own and avoid damages.  We ask that everyone use common sense and have a great time. Please read the following guidelines and feel free to ask questions. The Side Door will not be held liable nor will you receive a refund if your event is ended by the police or fire department. 


    You are responsible for cleaning all areas inside the building as well as the sidewalk and street outside of the building.  All trash needs to be bagged & taken outside to the sidewalk.

    The oven, microwave, refrigerator, and coolers are there for your use but please help us keep them clean. Type your paragraph here.


     Tape pulls the paint off of the walls, so do not hang anything on the painted walls.

    There are wooden strips on the walls as well as the wood around the windows that can be used for hanging.

    The wine glasses above the bar are for show and are not to be used. 



    No drinking outside.

    Tickets have been issued for open containers, underage and drunk in public to people standing outside of the building. 

    No underage drinking. You are responsible for preventing underage drinking.

    Use Common sense with alcohol and have measures in place to prevent problems:

    Check ID, mark hands, use wrist bands, and have designated drivers.


     There will be no smoking or open flames anywhere inside the building, including the stairwell and hallway.

    If it is determined by us (butts, ash, etc.) that there has been any smoking any where inside the building you will not be refunded your deposit.